Open Cydia. Go to "Manage" and add the source "" (Might have changed to, and click on the add button. After that it should go to a black screen where it begins downloading & installing the repo. When it is finished, it may ask you to restart springboard/iDevice. Do this. After it has restarted, go to Cydia once again, open up "Search" and write in "AppSync" and get the "AppSync" for version 4.0+, if you are on that Firmware. After that, you will want to get another program, do the same as the above, except instead of "AppSync" you write in "Installous". Download, Install, open, Enjoy! That was the guide for getting apps from your iDevice. Now for the computer; (You DONT Need To SSH Into Your iDevice). Get a Browser (FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome) and go to the website; You can now download all apps onto your computer. You then install them through iTunes, although you MUST have appsync installed on your iDevice, or the installation will report an error. Best Regards,

Teya Salat